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Australian Disability is an organisation proudly run and led by persons with disabilities, carers, professionals and guided by the wider community in a core belief in social inclusion and the fundamental human rights to equality, dignity, self-determination but above all to better society by reclaiming disability as an identity.

We were founded in 2012 based on the principle that discrimination and stigma but also the culture towards disability have to change and be reshaped and owned by people living with the daily effects, positive and negative about disability.

It is only through an authentic conversation about disability affairs, only then is a dialogue created and the catalyst for change ignited and given a way to spark social advancement.

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Who We Are

As an organisation in its infancy and the changes at the societal level, with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme but the cessation of a dedicated Disability Discrimination Commissioner, it seems as if we are at the crossroads in this phase of our civil rights movement.

Sadly there is a looming divide based on pure economics, in the era where being "disabled" is a dichotomy between binge on welfare or being an objectified motif (symbol) of inspiration porn.


We the disabled now have the vehicle to reclaim and remould the narrative of the "disability" identity, as articulated by Graeme Innes AM, chair, Attitude Foundation Limited.


"We are not victims or heroes but agents of our own destiny"

Graeme Innes AM, chair, Attitude Foundation Limited

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